What Will You Choose?

What Will You Choose?

Life is the most beautiful mashup of happiness and sorrow, ups and downs, victories and challenges, and the list goes on and on. One thing though that has always gripped my heart is – God, and how we can freely worship Him regardless of our current situation. One of the key aspects of life is that we have free will and we worship God out of free will.

Just imagine life without the ability to choose what food you eat, the clothes you wear, the way you express yourself, your job, etc. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? But we have the gift of free will. The sun rises and sets at it’s fixed time and the animals and birds go about their lives in a certain order but to us God has given the ability to choose our own destinies. This is a great privilege that carries immense responsibility.

The destiny that we chose out of our free will is entirely up to us. Now, that is HUGE! Do not be overwhelmed, though. Hebrews 13:5 & Psalm 23:4 both remind us that God will always be by our side and John 16:13 promises that the Holy Spirit will be our guide regardless of the season of life. That serves as a great encouragement to us, the bigger question really is – Will we choose to be by God’s side?

God freely chose to send Jesus to rescue us, in hope that we in turn might choose to come back and walk in relationship with Him. That is what worship is all about. It is freely choosing each day, in every situation to keep that relationship alive, just like you would in any other relationship. For our relationship with God that means holding to Kingdom values, keeping Jesus and His ways at the centre of our lives and being under the sweet and constant guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Worship isn’t difficult; it is simple and comes from a place of intimacy in relationship. Just like a husband and wife grow to love one another more and more as each day passes, our relationship with God grows too — it leads us into more intentional and meaningful worship and we begin to choose to honour Him in new ways each day. This is the beauty of worship, loving God and freely choosing to obey and honour Him in every season of life.

I hope that this small write up stirs your heart to walk closer to God freely choosing to live a life of worship unto Him.

William Soans (Sonnah) is a Worship Pastor and heads the worship ministry at Community of Hope. Apart from being a season musician himself, Sonnah trains and mentors musicians and worshippers within the community.


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