Men of Hope

Men of Hope

Men at Community of Hope are enabled to drive success in every scope of life knowing very well their identity in Christ Jesus.
We believe that ‘iron sharpens iron’ and we work with each other to develop each other in the following areas:

    Intimacy with God, worship, prayer life, reading and studying the Word of God, a daily infilling of the Holy SpiritRELATIONAL
    • As sons, honouring and respecting parents and taking care of them
    • As brothers, expressing God’s love to saved and unsaved siblings
    • As husbands, being Christ-like husbands to our spouses and leading our families according to Biblical guidelines
    • As fathers, expressing love to our children and bringing them up in the training and instruction of the Lord
    • As friends, expressing Christ-like unconditional friendship

Excellence — not working with mediocrity but with excellence
Enterprise — like sons of Issachar, being wise reading the signs of times and doing businesses with Biblical principles for good profits
Innovation — ‘bettering’ the best as professionals and business persons

Fellowship — not negating fellowship with saints
Calling — identifying your calling and doing them
Serving — an attitude to serve one another Missions & Evangelism — hunger to reach out to the lost world
Discipleship, Mentor & Father —actively involved in bringing up the ‘sons’ of faith

Personal development — hygiene, health, dressing, etc.
Skills, gifts & talents — enhancing and improvisation
Knowledge management — for excellence in work and business
Good citizens — helping the Government run systems to work efficiently